The Nurses and Hypochondriacs Podcast

The Terrors Of Salmonella

October 1, 2018

Salmonella...It's that bacteria that makes people sick, and causes one of the most common enteric (intestinal) infections in the United States – salmonellosis. It's known to have killed Alexander the Great in 323 B.C. and the whole Aztec civilzation in 1545-1550. In this episode we kick off our 4 part "Halloween Series" and discuss "The Terrors of Salmonella" with Storyteller/ Blogger Adrian Hoff (Hoff The Beaten Path, Adventures In Car Free Living) who takes us on her unnerving journey full of twists and turns! Who would have thought cleaning out your turtles tank could get you sick? Or did it? We discuss health department woes, bioterrosim threats and how the Rashnishees poisoned 700 people! After this episode you'll never eat at a salad bar again!

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