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Murses In The Media And Toxic Masculinity

February 4, 2019

Just how male are male nurses? Also known as Murses with an "M!" We are living in a time where where razor blade commercials threaten to cut off the scrotal sacs of men, further purging their toxic masculinity.... But are male nurses less empathetic? Are they less of a man? Do they adhere to more female gender roles? More men than ever before are entering into the nursing profession once known to be a predominately female profession ... and a new surveys shows "Male nurses still make $6,000-plus more than women!"

In this episode we explore murses in the media and toxic masculinity with our Expert Guests Leo Oliva RN, BSN, and Mark Roman.

Having been an ER and ICU nurse for way longer than he ever imagined, Leo is in transition to his first big love, Acting. After Self Producing and Writing his own feature film about nursing –The Shift, now playing on Amazon Prime, in which he also starred in alongside Danny Glover - - Leo has been able to garner some consistent acting work over the years as a TV and Film Actor slowly pulling him away from the bedside and more in front of the screen.

Mark Roman is a writer, SAG-AFTRA actor and busker. He's known for his "Lt. Frank" live improv character, as seen on Hollywood Blvd, at LA football tailgates, at Beacher's Madhouse (Vegas & Hollywood), in the Hollywood Reporter, and on KTLA 5 TV. Mark is podcaster-in-chief of Mark Roman Empire (also a podcast).

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