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Cats vs Kids? Who Would You Choose To Throw Off A Plane?

August 27, 2018

Cats Vs Kids? Who would you choose to throw off a plane? A 15 year old teenager recently picked a bad day to fly on Alaska Airlines. An 'emotional support cat' was also on the flight and the teen has severe allergies to cats! Well, the teen was asked to leave the flight and the cat stayed on board!

Guest Kelly McCarron (Comedian) joins us to discuss the legalities and policies airlines have regarding 'emotional support animals.' We review what to do if you have an allergy to pets and there happens to be a pet on board your flight, current FDA approval of generic epinephrine, how to keep healthy and stay hydrated on long flights, and what part of the plane has the most germs that can get you sick! A must listen if you are a hypochondriac or allergic to animals and frequently fly.

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