The Nurses and Hypochondriacs Podcast

Bang Bang: Mass Shootings In America & Mental Health Part 2

August 18, 2019

A Southwest Ohio politician has stirred anger for a Sunday post on social media in which she blamed mass shootings on "drag queen advocates," "homosexual marriage," open borders and even former President Barack Obama. In this episode we continue our discussion on Mass Shootings in America with guest Drag Queen "Marina Mac" Timothy McIntosch. We'll also discuss the most recent NY Times article blaming mass shootings in America on a hatred for women and domestic violence. Tim will also talk about the difference between a semiautomatic weapon and an automatic weapon and why these weapons should not be sold to the general public. Timothy McIntoch was born in Los Angeles, Ca and raised in Covina Ca. He was always a rambunctious kid and loved to be center of attention. Upon Graduating High School in 1998 at the age of 18 he joined the United States Marine Corp and served active Duty for Four and half years. HE re-enlisted in the Air National Guard and served an additional three and half years. In 2009 Tim decided to hone a hidden love of makeup and went to Makeup Artistry School at Mt. San Antonio College. Since then Tim has done Makeup for Fashion shows, theater, Film, and has worked with several Celebrity clientele. In 2010 shortly after moving to Palm Springs, Tim fell into the Beautiful art of Drag. He adopted the name Marina Mac (Marina a play on being from the Marines, and Mac, a shortened version of McIntosh.) Drag has given Tim so many opportunities to help in various charitable organizations such as Desert Aids Project, Aids Assistance Program, American Cancer Society, and Safe Schools.

Tim is voted the 2019 Desert Suns best Drag Personality of the Coachella Valley, 2019 Outstanding Best Actor, 2017 Champions of Youth award, and 2019 Desert Theater League award for best Professional Makeup artist for the Theater Production of “Georgia McBride”.

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